levik (levik) wrote,

Auberge Morrocain

After driving all day, we arrive at Panorama Hotel on the outskirts of Merzouga. We are told one can see the dunes from the window, but this cannot be verified - it's pitch black.

The owner makes smalltalk while offering us hospitality tea - no doubt included into whatever deal he's worked out with our guide. Then, it's time for dinner. As always, it's Tajine, and again - delicious and hearty.

Next - an outing to the roof to look at the stars. We bring along an ipod with speakers, and a pipe. There is no moon, and the stars swarm the sky. You can see the Milky Way, and probably a ton of constellations, but I can only remember Orion. We have fun taking some long exposure pictures and debate the occupational hazards of nighttime guards in the Middle Ages. Janice Joplin and Jimi Hendrix are sublime as never before.

The room itself is not huge, but roomy due to lack of any furniture beyond the two large beds - each easily King sized. There's not much light. It's also cold. But the thick, heavy blankets look very inviting. In fact, very soon, they are keeping me warm - as long as I can manage to keep my hands under them.

Good night.

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