levik (levik) wrote,

On the defensive

- Do you have a kid yet?
- A kid?..
- Yes, a kid.
- No. Not yet.
- Why not?
- Well... Do you have a kid?
- No. But that's because I'm little. It's too early for me.
- Well, it's too early for me too.
- Why, how old are you?
- Twenty nine.
- Wow! You should definitely have a kid by now.
- You think?..
- For real. You're twenty nine!
- How old was your dad when he had you?
- I dunno...
- Well, how old are you now?
- Six...
- And your dad?
- Thirty seven... I think.
- So that means when you were born he was how old?
- Uhmm... Thirty six?
- ... That's right. So you see, I still have some time left.


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