levik (levik) wrote,

Capitalism: A Love Story

In this shallow, ridiculously one-sided film, Michael Moore once again dilutes somber half-truths with moral outrage, sob stories and cheap theatrics (the bullhorn-to-CEOs shtick is getting old). As always, buried under mounds of crap are a few gems, such as FDR's address to the nation proposing a new Bill Of Rights (the old man must have been going senile) and an expose of an interesting practice of "Dead Peasant Insurance" (not as bad as Moore makes it out to be).

All in all, it's another wasted opportunity to address a serious issue in a serious way. The best moment happens when he stands outside the stock exchange asking every passer-by for advice on derivatives. "Don't make any more movies", one suit ad-libs as he walks past. Moore never does find anyone who can tell him what derivatives are.

In short - exactly the movie I expected to see :)
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