levik (levik) wrote,

Travel Wishlist

These are all places I'd like to go to (not an exhaustive list). If you would also like to go to any of these, let's plan something together.


long weekend: 5-6 days. Wednesday night or Thursday morning to Monday-Tuesday. Can be pretty much any weekend, and with little notice. Up to once a month.
week: up to 10-13 days. Also Thursday-Friday to Sunday-Tuesday of next week. Need at least a month notice. 2-3 times a year.
winter break: up to 20 days. From weekend before Christmas to after New Years.

  • Done Turkey: long weekend. Jun 2/3 (wed/thu) arrive in Bodrum, Jun 7 (mon) depart from Istanbul. Hope to stop by Capadocia.
  • Done Portugal: week or long weekend (spring or fall)
  • Done Norway/Denmark: week (summer) weekend, September.
  • Done Baltic states: long weekend to a week (summer)
  • Peru: long weekend if possible, week otherwise
  • Done Amsterdam: long weekend (anytime except winter, up to twice per year)
  • Eastern Europe (former Yugoslavia?): week
  • Ireland: long weekend
  • Done Australia: winter break
  • Brazil: winter break
  • Done Switzerland: long weekend
Tags: planning, travel

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